About Us

Wordsmiths Learning Centre specialises in the teaching of:

  • English Language
  • Humanities subjects (Social Studies, History, Geography, English Literature and General Paper)

for students preparing for N-levels, O-levels, Integrated Programs and A-levels examinations. Our comprehensive curriculum is closely aligned with the MOE syllabus and prepared by our team of specialist teachers to prepare students to sit for their examinations with confidence, While classes conducted are in a small group basis, one-to-one coaching is also available upon request. 

Why Choose Us? 

    Student-Focused Interaction - Students are at the heart of our teaching-learning process.  Our curriculum is specially tailored to engage, empower and strengthen the development of thinking skills and knowledge which are crucial to examination excellence. Each class is kept at an optimum size of 8-12 students to encourage meaningful discussion and group learning. 

    Learning in Context - Lessons and activities are designed for students to learn in an authentic and meaningful context. Each lesson focuses on the required learning outcomes and helping them understand the purpose of applying them in real life. 

    Integration - Our curriculum covers the fundamental content knowledge, development of critical-thinking and analytical skills.  Teachings are aimed at empowering students to make meaningful connections and to face exam questions with confidence. 

    Process Orientation - Resources (notes and practice papers), inputs (content knowledge and constructive feedback) and exam preparation strategies (i.e being exam-smart) are built into each lesson to ensure students' success. Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers who are specially trained in the subjects and to produce high level of understanding and achievement. 

  Our English and Humanities curriculum are built upon the Ministry of Education's latest syllabus, covering the topics in   greater detail. Students are guided step-by-step through in-depth and individual attention that is not achievable in a   classroom environment. 

  Our programs incorporate a wide variety of resources, practice materials, audio and visual presentations to ensure    students have a competitive advantage. Each term ends with a consultation with the teachers to track students'      progress.